Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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  •   “Seeing an Invizimal appear for the first time on the kitchen table is quite magical.” Review of Invizimals: one of the first "augmented reality" games released. Invizimals is a new twist on the classic creature "collect and fight" genre. Essentially it's the Sony version of Pokémon, but with a twist.


Nutty Fluffies - A rollercoaster of a review (iOS/Android)


Nutty Fluffies“Though being cute and fluffy, they don't die horribly”

Nutty Fluffies: review of this fun, physics based coaster/animal game.

After making a hardcore motorbike game and frolicking truck racing game, what could RedLynx games do next? How about sticking fluffy animals on roller coasters and hoping you don't crash them? Yes, makes sense to us too...



When Vikings Attack - PS3 Review


When Vikings Attack“Making your way through wave after wave of horn helmeted vandals.”

Review of the very silly new game available to download on the PS3 - When Vikings Attack.

Do you remember when back int he 1970's, those pesky vikings invaded? No? Well read on...

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Halloween - Tricky or Treaty?


Halloween (at Alton Towers)Our local allotments are doing a "Pumpkin Carving" afternoon.”

So, what are your plans for Halloween this year?

Yesterday Family_Furie made it to Alton Towers for their "Scarefest", which is an annual trip for us. What is everyone else up to? Out partying, off to an organized event, or sitting in with the lights off waiting for the little beggars to go away?.



Gaming bargains at Tesco with stackable codes! Plus 342 on toys

 Christmas shopping“£15 off 2 console games plus 350 points for pre-orders and 3% cashback!”

Use 2 Tesco codes to get £15 off a £75 spend.

Start your Christmas shopping early while the offers are on. There are 2 codes that can be used together on Tesco Direct at the moment: 

TD-KMPW - £5 off when you spend £35 or more on CD's, DVD's, Blu-Rays or Games Software

TD-MXTN - £10 off when you spend £75 or more on any product on Tesco Direct


Use these to get £15 off a couple of games, or combine a game with some toys in the current 3 for 2 offer. Skylanders figures go through at 3 for 2, or try moshi monsters for a better discount that the 25% currently offered in the Sainsburys toy sale. 

Quidco offers 3% cashback but they take the first £5 of your cashback per year in membership fees. Topcashback also offer 3% with no membership fee. If you haven't already signed up, use a friend's referral to give them a £10 bonus. Family furie's is :D 


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