Monday, December 10, 2018

Nutty Fluffies - A rollercoaster of a review (iOS/Android)


Nutty Fluffies“Though being cute and fluffy, they don't die horribly”

Nutty Fluffies: review of this fun, physics based coaster/animal game.

After making a hardcore motorbike game and frolicking truck racing game, what could RedLynx games do next? How about sticking fluffy animals on roller coasters and hoping you don't crash them? Yes, makes sense to us too...

Available for both the iDevices and Android, Nutty Fluffies is a take on a very old game concept. You have a roller coaster that isn't connected to the track (like the Scenic Railways used to (see Margate's Scenic Railway and Great Yarmouth's Roller Coaster amongst others)). There is a brake man (in this case, a hippo) who works makes sure the train is going at a safe speed so that you don't come off the tracks.

You sweep left and right with your finger to control the speed of the coaster train. It's all simple stuff really, but the complexity lies in trying to attain the highest scores. There are hearts littered off the track, and getting to them will require some very fancy brakeman work to leap off the track, collect the hearts and then drop back safely onto the rails.

Add to that you can load your carriages up with an array of different animals. Mice are free, but only offer an extra 2 hearts each when you finish the level. Cats love drops and give bonus hearts on drops, and extra hearts when you finish. Dogs love airtime, so leaping off the track gives bonuses there. Pigs and Elephants up the stakes even more. The twist here is that you need to buy the additional animals and it's a play off between cost and winnings (hearts give coins, which in turn are used to build new coasters). Some coaster tracks are tricky and often result in crashes, so do you risk a train full of expensive elephants or free mice?

Somebody also seems to have forgotten to fit the trains with any restraints. Jumping too fast  or landing too hard can result in your poor fluffy passengers ejecting and rolling down the track. Though being cute and fluffy, they don't die horribly and instead you can pick them back up if you pass by them - phew.

The game relies a great deal on repeat play. Complete a coaster track and you can replay it with an extra carriage added to your coaster. As they get longer (up to ten carriages), they get harder to control, but you can leap for hearts much farther off track. At the end of each run, you are awarded gold coins which you then use to buy more coasters (each new coaster being unlocked "for purchase" by completing a single run on the previous one). There are add ons to cars (like jet engines and magnets) too, which add to strategic elements of the game.

It's a simple game and very rewarding. Though as both a gamer and a coaster enthusiast, it's really hitting all of my buttons. Even so, it's still excellent fun and for $1 (£0.69) it's a no brainer if you've got any interest.

The biggest drawback is the constant begging for you to buy more coins. The game seems geared towards really forcing you to purchase in game credits. It's really not required as the game is still massively fun without the need for microtransactions. I know that they're the future of supporting games, but if I've paid for the game, give me a game that is free of constant nagging. I don't mind if there is added content that I can get only by using real money (it would be my choice if I wanted fluffy penguins or monkeys or something to adorn my trains, or for an extra set of tracks). However, contant badgering for me to spend real cash just for more coins which you can win by simply enjoying the game just feels a bit needy.

Beyond that though, the game is a steal; though I still have no idea why there are cuddly animals on a rollercoaster...


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