Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Free comic today with your sweets


Free Whizzer and Chips“Read all about it: Free Whizzer and Chips!”

Order some sweets, and get the first ever Whizzer and Chips for free.

To celebrate their birthday, A Quarter Of (a fantastic online shop for old school sweets) is giving away freebies, just for today.

Read more, or head over to A Quarter Of

I don't know about anybody else, but the highlight of the school week was a trip to the newsagents for the latest Beano/Dandy and a 10p mixture (20 sweets, good old half pennies).

I was never a major fan of Whizzer and Chips though (limited pocket money meant limitedcomics and the Beano and The Eagle snaffled mine), but... In school holidays and if I was ill, I'd end up at my Grandparent's house. They loved to spoil me with a 10p mixture and comic every so often, and Whizzer and Chips was my choice of "treat comic".

Fast forward to 2012 and newsagents sell more milk than sweets and comics are mostly a vague and distant memory. Thankfully, A Quarter Of not only offer some great, classic sweets, but also a reprint of the first issue of Whizzer and Chips.

Surely it's time you introduced your child to a bag of Shrimps, some Wham bars and a classic comic?



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