Monday, December 10, 2018

Halloween - Tricky or Treaty?


Halloween (at Alton Towers)Our local allotments are doing a "Pumpkin Carving" afternoon.”

So, what are your plans for Halloween this year?

Yesterday Family_Furie made it to Alton Towers for their "Scarefest", which is an annual trip for us. What is everyone else up to? Out partying, off to an organized event, or sitting in with the lights off waiting for the little beggars to go away?.

Sadly, I couldn't attend the Scarefest event this year so no official review; but Madame_Furie, Maxi-Minor_Furie and Step-Sister-in-Law_Furie all went along (photos by SSIL_Furie).

It was pretty much the same as previous years by the sounds of it, but that's no bad thing as Alton always roll out as many pumpkins as the can and really make an effort to turn the Towerers into a spooky landscape. All I can say is that if you've never experienced it before, it's worth making the effort at least one, thers's so much to do and the rides are different in the dark.

The Merlin attractions have a lot going on this year at all their parks (Thorpe Park Alton and Chessington), plus the Warwick Castle event is exxcellent fun as well. I'm sure that a lot of local places to you have something a bit cheesy and silly too. Personally, I love going out on Halloween as you get to avoid having to answer the door every two minutes ;)

Our local allotments are doing a "Pumpkin Carving" afternoon, so that's Maxi-Minor_Furie sorted out for that then,  Other than that, it'll be "controlled" trick or treating - which means we go out, but only to people we've arranged with before (family and friends).

Later on, I'm planning to spend some time in the wardrobe stabbing with a coathanger to try and save my life again, though that may have been a film induced dream last year. Anybody up to anything particularly interesting or different?



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